EXHIBITION of Nov 29th 2019

Architecture contains many parallels with the human body. Along with its complex, intricate structure a building can convey a distinct personality.


Every space also contains a history. With each new resident, a structure may find renewed life—or slip into neglect. It exists in an ephemeral state—like transitory shapes and lines on a canvas. 


In my paintings, architectural elements frequently act as metaphors for personal memories. For instance, the painting Peace (in my last series of works) explores how a structure reveals its age, exposing itself through its patina, scars, strengths, and weaknesses.


I am particularly drawn to places that are abandoned, unreachable, or not considered "home." While my canvases evoke the profound personal—loss, isolation, displacement—the fictitious architectures are often reminiscent of industrial complexes. Not only are they unlike homes, but they also do not exist in neighbourhoods or even specific places. Instead, my buildings float in the ether, aloof, untethered to their surroundings. In so many ways, these buildings mirror our contemporary human experience.


My work encapsulates the resulting sense of isolation and loss—the feeling one gets when searching for their place in the world.


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