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I am drawn in by the feelings of isolation and mystery that abandoned buildings, and remote spaces evoke.  It is as if their presence could reveal something about the living or those who once lived behind their walls. 

MOTHER is a series of large-scale paintings and installation using metaphor as a love letter to my mother following her recent passing. I was attracted by these unreachable landscapes and structures without realizing that they were representational of my longing to be in my mother’s presence over the last few years.  Being away from her as she was getting older was extremely difficult and made me feel lonely and isolated.


I have always seen her as a beautiful, powerful, and complex individual, a lot like the places I was fascinated with. The natural power of a mother helps to shape who we are; she stands strong on the horizon. We just cannot see their pain and suffering which is well hidden under the surface. 


The connectivity, of individuals to their mothers, forges an indelible connection to the earth that resonates from deep within.

Restorer Using Scalpel
Glass Blowing Tools
Paint Brushes
Wokring on a Pottery Wheel
Splatter Painting
Red Painting and Brushes


Body of Work

  I am interested in places that are either abandoned, unreachable, or not considered “home”. Most metropolises in Canada are far from each other and lack the connections that you would normally get from your childhood neighbourhood or hometown. You could easily feel isolated and lack the support your immediate family or old friends would provide. In your hometown, everyone knows who you are. You have a history, good or bad, it is part of your identity.

 This feeling of displacement can happen in your everyday lives, maybe you travel a lot, or must work in a remote industrial area. Being the only female among my crew of men, I often felt alone, and did not fit in with the group. The same feeling of loneliness or misfit emerges whenever we must ­­­­­relocate in a new city to find work.

My work reflects this sense of isolation that one feels when having to adapt to other cultures, locations, or untraditional workplaces.


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Napoleon Bonaparte

"Imagination rules the world"


450 Stone Crescent
Saskatoon, S7M 4N4




450 Stone Crescent
Saskatoon, S7M 4N4


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